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February 2010

Post date Title
28-02-10 Bishops Atanasije and Teodosije served the Liturgy in Velika Hoča
27-02-10 Bishop Atanasije in Kosovo Pomoravlje (Saturday, Feb 27, 2010)
27-02-10 Communique of the Information Service of the Serbian Orthodox Church - February 27th
26-02-10 Bishop Grigorije: Stop hurting Bishop Artemije’s case
26-02-10 Bishop Atanasije visits Gnjilane region
26-02-10 Radio Television Serbia: Bishop Artemije accepts the decisions of the Synod of the Serbian Orthodox Church
25-02-10 Families of Herzegovina for the Families of Kosovo Campaign
24-02-10 Bishop Atanasije and Bishop Artemije visit Gračanica abbess in hospital in Laplje Selo
23-02-10 Bishop Atanasije visits soup kitchens in Vitina and Novo Brdo regions, donation to Health Center in Gračanica
23-02-10 Radio Television Serbia – Warrant issued for hegumen Simeon (Vilovski), February 23, 2010
23-02-10 Information Service of the Serbian Orthodox Church regarding Antonije (Davidović)
23-02-10 Bishop Atanasije visits parishes in Brezovica and Lipljan
21-02-10 Bishops Atanasije, Joanikije and Teodosije take part in celebration of the Sunday of Orthodoxy in Prizren
20-02-10 Tanjug: Bishop Atanasije - The situation will calm down
20-02-10 Diocese Administrator Bishop Atanasije visits northern Kosovo
20-02-10 RADIO KIM: Dimitris Moschopoulos – We will consult with the Serbian Orthodox Church to determine priorities and ways of protecting the religious heritage in Kosovo
18-02-10 Financial committee of the Holy Synod continuing work in Gracanica Monastery
17-02-10 Communiqué of the NGO "Majka devet Jugovića" (Mother of the Nine Jugoviches)
17-02-10 James Jatras launches petition against decision of the Holy Synod of Bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church
17-02-10 Activity of anti-church sites aimed at undermining the authority of the SOC continues
17-02-10 Director of Rade Neimar Diocesan Building Center arrested
16-02-10 Bishops Atanasije and Teodosije serve memorial service for victims in Livadice
16-02-10 Reply from Gracanica on lies and ignorance of journalist E.V.N.
15-02-10 Bishop Atanasije on the Break into Gracanica Monastery
15-02-10 Bishop Atanasije serves Holy Hierarchal Liturgy in Gracanica Monastery on the feast of the Meeting of Our Lord (Sunday, February 14 /1, 2010)
15-02-10 Communiqué from the administrator of the Diocese of Raska and Prizren, Bishop Atanasije
13-02-10 Criminal proceedings initiated against archimandrite Simeon Vilovski and Predrag Suboticki
13-02-10 Bishop Atanasije, administrator of the Diocese of Raska and Prizren, arrives in Gracanica Monastery
13-02-10 Communique of the Holy Synod on Bishop Artemije's canonical responsibility