Post date Title
21-01-13 A WW2 Anti-fascist Memorial destroyed in the center of Vitina
07-07-12 Raška and Prizren Diocese most strongly condemns the brutal murder of the two Serb returnees in Talinovac village near Uroševac
07-01-11 Bishop Teodosije served the Christmas Liturgy in Prizren
07-01-11 Central central Christmas Eve ceremony in Kosovska Mitrovica
05-01-11 Nativity Encyclical of the Serbian Orthodox Church
28-12-10 Metropolitan officially handed over duties to new Bishop of Raska-Prizren
27-12-10 Enthronement Homily of Bishop Teodosije, December 26, 2010
26-12-10 Enthronement of newly-elected Bishop of Raška and Prizren Teodosije in Prizren
22-12-10 First celebration of St. Nicholas Day in Pristina since 2004 with new priests
24-11-10 Solemn celebration of the Patron Saint's Day of the monastery of Visoki Dečani
21-11-10 Attempt to create "schismatic church" and usurpation of monasteries in northern Kosovo ends as complete fiasco - Unity of the Serbian Orthodox Church preserved
21-11-10 Bishop Teodosije serves Liturgy on Patron Saint's Day of the monastery of Crna Reka
18-11-10 The Holy Assembly of Bishops Elected Bishop Teodosije as a New Bishop of Raška-Prizren and Kosovo-Metohija
27-10-10 Celebration of St. Paraskeva's day in Gorioč Monastery and the village of Drsnik
24-10-10 Bishop Teodosije consecrated the church in the village of Valač, Zvečan Municipality
22-10-10 Metropolitan Amfilohije took part in the celebration of the 15th Anniversary of the International Foundation of Unity of the Orthodox Peoples
18-10-10 Bishop Teodosije consecrated foundations for a bell tower in Parteš and visited the Cathedral in Gnjilane
17-10-10 Metropolitan Amfilohije served a Liturgy in Šilovo near Gnjilane and gave a lecture in the parish hall
17-10-10 Bishop Teodosije served a Holy Liturgy in Lipljan
14-10-10 Celebration of the Shroud of the Holy Virgin Mary at Peć Patriarchate Monastery
14-10-10 Feast-day of Sokolica Monastery, Bishop Teodosije laid the foundation stone for the church in Srbovac
14-10-10 U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Gracanica Monastery
12-10-10 Celebration of St. Kyriak's Day (Miholdan) in Velika Hoča
10-10-10 Bishop Teodosije served the Holy Liturgy at St. Nicholas in Priština
09-10-10 Bishop Teodosije celebrated St. John the Apostle Day in Sočanica, North Kosovo
24-08-10 After Divine Liturgy the first session of the Diocesan Council has been held in Prizren since 1999
16-08-10 Brotherly meeting of the priesthood of the Diocese of Raska-Prizren
24-05-10 Celebration of the Feast-day at Končul Monastery
23-05-10 Bishops Artemije and Teodosije served the Holy Liturgy at Gračanica Monastery for the Holy Trinity Day
22-05-10 Celebration of the feast of St. Nicholas church in Priština