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02-09-16 Serbian Orthodox Diocese condemns the vandal attack on the memorial plaque to Serb harvesters at Staro Gracko village
28-08-16 Obstruction of the celebration of the Dormition Feast is a violation of fundamental human and religious rights
23-07-16 Automatic gun fire opened at a group of Serbs cleaning the monastery courtyard in Binač - nobody is hurt in the attack
15-04-16 The latest incident at the church of Christ the Savior in Priština - Communique of the Diocese
19-03-16 Prince Charles visited St. George's Serb Orthodox Cathedral in Prizren
31-01-16 Communique: Four armed Islamists arrested yesterday evening in front of the main gate of Visoki Dečani Monastery
07-01-16 Christ is Born - Glorify Him - Celebration of Christmas at Gračanica Monastery
07-01-16 Celebration at the Eve of the Christmas Day at North Mitrovica church of St. Demetrius
07-12-15 Bishop Teodosije strongly condemned terrorist attack on the Serbian village of Goraždevac this morning
26-11-15 Celebration of the annual patron saint day of Visoki Dečani Monastery - The Feast of St. King Stefan of Dečani
03-11-15 A Crescent and a star appeared on the gate of St. Nicholas Serbian Orthodox church in Novi Pazar, Serbia
28-10-15 Interview of Fr. Sava Janjić, the Abbot of Visoki Dečani Monastery - Kosovo is defended by Patience too - POLITIKA daily, 28 October 2015
25-10-15 Interview of Bishop Teodosije to Belgrade "Evening News" daily - Priština is trying to occupy our holy sites
24-10-15 Fr. Sava: What is going to happen to Serbian sites in Kosovo
21-08-15 Bishop Teodosije visited Mr. Oliver Ivanović in the Mitrovica North Hospital and issued an Appeal to international representatives in Kosovo on his behalf
16-03-15 In memoriam - Eleven Years from the March Pogrom over Serbian Orthodox Holy Sites in Kosovo
12-01-15 Communique of the Raska-Prizren Diocese on the Christmas incidents in Lipljan and Djakovica
24-11-14 Celebration of the Patron Saint Day of Visoki Dečani Monastery - St. King Stefan Dečanski
16-10-14 Shocking accusations by Kosovo Interior Minister Mr. Bajram Rexhepi
13-10-14 One day after first graffiti new extremist graffiti on the gates of Decani Monastery - Bishop Teodosije requests the barbed wire fence
12-10-14 Terrorist graffiti appeared overnight in the vicinity of Dečani Monastery
20-04-14 Resurrection of Christ - Paschal Encyclical of His Holiness Serbian Patriarch Irinej, Easter 2014
31-01-13 US Ambassador in Kosovo called for the respect of law and the decision of the Supreme court on the issue of Decani Monastery property rights
25-01-13 А Kosovo Police officer accused Serb Orhtodox priests in St. Nicholas church that they destroyed crosses on their own cemetery
24-01-13 Bishop Teodosije: Security situation in Kosovo at the lowest level since March pogrom 2004
22-01-13 Parallels and Reminders: Beside Serbian Holy sites and cemeteries in Kosovo Albanian extremists desecrated the old Jewish cemetery in 2011
21-01-13 B92 Serb cemeteries, memorials desecrated in Kosovo
21-01-13 OSCE condemns "repeated desecration of Orthodox graveyards" in Kosovo
21-01-13 Head of the EU office in Pristina Mr. Samuel Zbogar strongly condemned the vandalism against Serbian cemeteries in Kosovo
21-01-13 Shocking scenes from the desecrated Serbian Orthodox cemetery in Priluzje, central Kosovo