A Crescent and a star appeared on the gate of St. Nicholas Serbian Orthodox church in Novi Pazar, Serbia


A Crescent and a star appeared yesterday morning on the main gate of the Serbian Orthodox church of St. Nicholas. The graffito was most probably written during the previous night by unknown persons. The sign was painted with red color and has caused seriuos concern among the clergy and the faithful people in Novi Pazar area.

Having in mind that so far there have been no writing of Islamic symbols on our Christian sites and that in this part of Serbia we have correct relations with representatives of the Islamic community, we strongly believe that this may be an isolated case. That is why we expect the Islamic Community to strongly condemn this provocation and thus give its contribution to the preservation of inter-religious relations in Novi Pazar and the region.

Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Raška and Prizren remains deeply committed to building of peace and tolerance between members of different religious groups who live in this region.

Diocese of Raška-Prizren
Prizren-Gračanica 3 November 2015