A WW2 Anti-fascist Memorial destroyed in the center of Vitina

A WW2 Memorial which was built in honor of Serbs and Albanians who fought against Nazi occupation was destroyed today at noon in Vitina by the mob of ethnic Albanian extremists. The event happened in presence of the Kosovo police the members of which peacefully observed the destruction of the Memorial. Although this is not neither "Serb" nor a "Christian" monument the vandalism of the event is a clear indication of disorder and chaos that rules Kosovo society today. In the very similar atmosphere of wild cries and unrestrained vulgarity the mob was destroying Serbian Orthodox churches in 2004 riots as well as the cemeteries in the last two days. The whole event was filmed by Kosovo Albanians and uploaded on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKFykgP_r88

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Destruction of the WW2 Memorial in Vitina, January 21