Radio Television Serbia: Bishop Artemije accepts the decisions of the Synod of the Serbian Orthodox Church

I am willing to accept the decisions of the Synod of the Serbian Orthodox Church, although I do not agree with them, said Bishop Artemije in his first public address since his dismissal from the administration of the diocese. Bishop Artemije called for unity in the Church.

Bishop Artemije said in Gračanica that he accepts the decisions of the Synod of the SOC, although he does not agree with them, in the expectation that the Assembly of the SOC will adopt the most suitable solution with respect to his dismissal and possible abuses in the operation of the Diocese of Raška and Prizren.

"What I maintain is the position that is most important to preserve the unity of the SOC. I have told the Synod that I can never accept nor can anyone force me to tear the chiton of the Church of Saint Sava, i.e. to create a schism," said Bishop Artemije in his first public address after being dismissed from the administration of the Diocese by the Synod of the SOC on February 13.

This message should also serve as a guide to all those who, using our name and our present position, are creating the impression that Bishop Artemije and some of his supporters are creating a schism in the SOC, said the Bishop.

Bishop Grigorije and Minister for Religions in the Serbian Government Bogoljub Šijaković visited Gračanica Monastery today.

The dismissed Bishop Artemije said that “a great deal of commotion” had been raised in the media about his dismissal. He called on all those who respect and love him, and who, he said, represent no small number, to come to terms with the fact that he accepts and remains in obedience to the SOC and to demonstrate solidarity and love toward him and toward the SOC.

"I think that this problem that has emerged will be legitimately resolved at the meeting of the Assembly of Bishops; until then, things should be examined in peace, without commotion. Government bodies are also involved, let them examine all the facts, and then the Assembly will find the most suitable solution on the basis of its knowledge, the canons and the Constitution of the SOC," said Bishop Artemije.