After a number of interventions during the day Kosovo authorities stopped the illegal works and withdrew machines

Thanks to a number of international interventions during the day Kosovo authorities have stopped the illega works on the road within the Dečani Monastery protected zone and the heavy machines have reportedly been withdrawn. Let us hope Kosovo institutions will respect their legislation and international obligations. We are grateful to all people of good will who demonstrated solidarity with us in our attempts to preserve Visoki Dečani Monastery and the beautiful nature which surrounds it.

The news on stopping of the works was published by the OSCE Mission in Kosovo on their Facebook page

The statement of the OSCE Mission was supported by Ms Nataliya Apostolova, the head of the EU Office in Kosovo as well as the US Ambassador in Pristina Mr Greg Delawie. Ms Apostolova emphasized in her tweet that it is of paramount importance that the law on the Special Protective Zone of Visoki Decani Monastery is stricktly adhered to and any possible action is approved by the implementation and Monitoring Council (IMC). On the last two meetings of the IMC the clear position of the EU, OSCE and the Serbian Orthodox Church is that any kind of transit road near the Monastery, through the Special Protective Zone is absolutely inacceptable and would constitute a direct violation of the law. As the US Ambassador has recently tweeted, this issue is from the legal point closed.