Bishop Teodosije serves liturgy at Visoki Dečani Monastery

Bishop Teodosije of the Diocese of Raška-Prizren served Divine Liturgy today at Visoki Dečani Monastery together with the monastery hieromonks. Attending the Divine Liturgy were around 150 pilgrims who had arrived early in the morning from Belgrade and Montenegro at the Lavra of Holy King Stefan, so as to glorify God and commune of the Holy Mysteries together with Bishop Teodosije and the monks of Dečani Monastery. After the Gospel, Bishop Teodosije gave a homily speaking about the Serbian people’s trust in God and the Faith which, for centuries, has kept us together as God’s people on the path to the Kingdom of Heaven. His Grace stressed the importance of pilgrimage to Kosovo and Metohija from all parts of the world, by which we show our deep connection to the holy places here, and the crucial role which Kosovo and Metohija   has spiritually for our church and national identity, as well as for each of us personally. As always, this Eucharistic gathering demonstrated that the Church is alive in its people, and that we are continuing on in full force in our mission of proclaiming the Gospel in the tradition of Saint Sava.