Bishops Artemije and Teodosije served the Holy Liturgy at Gračanica Monastery for the Holy Trinity Day

On the occasion of the Holy Trinity day this morning with the blessing of the new Administrator, the former diocesan Bishop Artemije served the Holy Liturgy at Gracanica Monastery. Auxilliary Bishop Teodosije concelebrated the Holy Liturgy together with priests of the Raska-Prizren Diocese.

The Liturgy was attended by 250 believers from Gracanica and Central Kosovo and the most of them partook the Holy Mysteries. Bishop Artemije spoke in his sermon about the feast of St. Trinity and comming of the Holy Spirit on Christ's disciples. After the Liturgy a procession was made through the streets of Gracanica.

The Holy Trinity day was also solemnly celebrated in Sopocani Monastery where the priestmonks from Decani, Sopocani and Vracevo monastery served the Liturgy. There were about 200 believers, among them the abbess of Gradac mother Efimija with sisters and monks from Tusimlje and Studenica Monastries. After the service Abbot of Sopocani Fr. Teoktist offered a festal lunch for all the guests at the monastery refectory.