Celebration of the feast of St. Nicholas church in Priština

Today a feastday of St. Nicholas Church in Pristina was celebrated. The Liturgy was served by Bishop Teodosije together with Fr. Darko Marinković and deacon Petar. A congregation of about 100 faithful attended the service. Some of them arrived earlz morning to Pristina from different parts of Central Serbia so that they could also visit their cemeteries and commemorate their beloved ones who had fallen asleep in the Lord. Bishop Teodosije spoke about the pastoral work in the Church and mentioned St. Nicholas as one of the greatest examplaries of the Church.

After the Liturgy and the blessing of the festal cake Bishop Teodosije spoke to the congregation again saying that beside all difficulties the Serbian Orthodox believers in Pristina have not forgotten their holy shrine, the curch of St. Nicholas who gathered in it even in times when it was in ruins. In the continuation of his sermon the Bishop said that now the spiritual reform must be continued and announced that the regular parish priest in Pristina will be soon appointed.

Today Fr. Darko performed the first baptism in the church of St. Nicholas since 1999 and baptised a sister from Novo Brdo who is temporarily displaced in Nis.

The host of thie year's celebration in St. Nicholas was Radmila Vulicevic from Pristina. Zivojin Rakocevic from Caglavica announced that he would like to be the host of the celebration for the next year.