First celebration of St. Nicholas Day in Pristina since 2004 with new priests

RADIO KiM 19.12.2010. 12:25

Priests who have come back to Pristina and who are living in this city, for the first time after March 17, 2004, in the presence of about fifty believers, in a restored church of St. Nicholas, served the Divine Liturgy on the feast day of this saint.

Priest Darko Marinkovic delivered a sermon to the present believers and congratulated them the Patron Saint Day.

On this day ten years ago about ten thousand people used to come from Prishtina here to celebrate Patron Saint's Day (slava) and cut their slava cakes. Today only about forty of them left in Prishtina. Despite all that Snezana Borzanovic thinks that building of the church is very significant.

„After all those tears since March 17, 2004 for me it is a great plesaure, hence it's some sort of a personal victory for me" Snezana said.