Obstruction of the celebration of the Dormition Feast is a violation of fundamental human and religious rights


A group of Kosovo Albanian ultra-nationalists prevented by force today the arrival of Serb pilgrims to the ruins of the Virgin Mary church in the village of Mušutište, Suva Reka Municipality. The pilgrims were planning to take part in the celebration of the Feast of the Dormition of the Mother of God. The riot in which several policemen and rioters were injured cannot be called “a protest” because its goal was violation of fundamental rights among which are the freedom of religion and movement. Regrettably, for several days Kosovo Albanian radical circles have been encouraging ethnic hatred which resulted in the incident. In this context Kosovo authorities bear resposnsibility because turning the blind eye to the ethnic and religious extremism endangers security of citizens and does injustice to those Kosovo Albanians who don’t see their future in ethnic and religious hatred.

Ethnic Serb Minister in Kosovo Government Mr. Dalibor Jevtić travelled today with the pilgrims who were heading to the ruins of their church built in 1315 which was destroyed by KLA millitants in summer 1999. The pilgrims eventually went to Zočište monastery to pray.

This latest incident in Mušutište is a sad reminder that in the territory of Kosovo and Metohija extreme nationalists still continue to violate the freedom of religion and movement for the members of the Serbian population.

Diocese of Raška and Prizren
Prizren-Gračanica 28 August 2016