One day after first graffiti new extremist graffiti on the gates of Decani Monastery – Bishop Teodosije requests the barbed wire fence


Prizren-Gračanica, 13 October 2014

Графити на помоћној, економској капијиOne day after the publishing of the news on the extremist graffiti in the area of Visoki Dečani Monastery the monks noticed new graffiti (UCK, ISIS, AKSH) on the other side of the monastery compound. Pretty large graffito was seen on the economic gate, and very soon afterwards on the small gate leading to the spring of the mineral water. The monks can confirm that yesterday, when the news on the first series of the graffiti were published, no graffiti could be seen on that gate. Logical conclusion is that on this gate, and possibly on the economic gate as well the graffiti were written during the last night (12/13 October.

Графити на капији према извору киселе водеThe Diocese of Raska and Prizren is deeply disappointed with the appearance of the new graffiti which appeared even closer to the central monastery compound.

Today the Visoki Dečani Monastery was visited by the COMKFOR Gen. Figliuolo with his officers, the mayor of Dečani Mr. Rasim Selmanaj, the regional KP director Mr. Shala and the Deputy PM of Kosovo Mr. Slobodan Petrovic. In the conversations with these officials the Abbot of the Monastery Fr. Sava conveyed the gravest concern because of the graffiti incident which is the most serious one in the last 7 years when the monastery was attacked by the rocket propelled grenade (in 2007). Fr. Sava conveyed to the COMKFOR the request of Bishop Teodosije to help the monastery to protect the part of the property where there is no wall  and place the barbed wire on the existing stone walls.

Капија према киселој води, 60так метара од пункта КФОР-а на узвисици

In the conversation with Decani Mayor Fr. Sava could not agree with his assessment of the situation which seems to the monks as quite normal and even idyllic. The Abbot of Decani said that his Monastery is the most endangered SOC holy site in Kosovo and that the security in the Decani Municipality is among worst in Kosovo. That is the reason why there are no Serbian returnee families 15 years after the war.

Kosovo police today continued the investigation with the Italian Carabignieri. Anti-terrorist team has been deployed as well. Theree Albanian youths who were yesterday shortly detained were released soon. They were detained not in relation with the graffiti but because of the provocative chanting of the UCK slogan in front of the Monastery. There are no indications at the moment who could be responsible for the extremist graffiti.