Unknown persons broke into the church of Christ the Savior and set fire in it today


Unknown persons broke into the uncompleted Serbian Orthodox church of Christ the Savior in Priština downtown today and set it on fire. Priština parish priest Fr. Saša Mitrović found out that vandals had cut a metal bar on the door of the church, broke into the church and set the fire.

Serbian Orthodox Bishop of Raška-Prizren Teodosije condemned the incident and said that it is the consequence of unreadiness of the Kosovo authorities and police to provide round o’clock protection of the church of Christ the Savior which had been targeted by vandals many times before.

“Setting the Serbian Orthodox Church in Priština downtown on fire today shows that our sites are not adequately protected in Kosovo and Metohija. We have replaced the metal door twice on this site but nevertheless vandals broke in. Despite our two formal requests to the Kosovo Minister of interior to place the permanent police check point in front of the church we have not received any answer yet. Such irresponsible behavior is damaging for all in Kosovo and Metohija and does not contribute to the building of confidence.”

Diocese of Raška-Prizren will inform the international representatives in Kosovo about the incident.

Diocese of Raška and Prizren
Prizren-Gračanica,  9 September 2016