Communique of the Information Service of the Serbian Orthodox Church – February 27th

A great deal of our media published these days news that no more no less than seventeen bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church asked for calling of a extraordinary Assembly so as to discuss there about events in the Diocese of Raska and Prizren.

Actually it is a rough misinformation – one of many within this theme – which was launched by someone unkown, and everyone else started repeating it, uncritically, not even checking the news at the Information Service of the Serbian Orthodox Church or the services of the Holy Synod. No bishop has formally asked for the convocation of extraordinary Assembly, but many, virtually all, were interested – and they are still interested in – for the development of the situation because everyone, without exception, in the first place care about peace and love , good order and unity in our Church.

The whole thing has been brought to the absurd. How and why the Assembly would discuss it before the Synod, upon the church Constitution as the first instance for resolving differences and problems of this kind, generally examine available facts and supplement them by new facts and, taking its position, present it to the Assembly? Hence, the Assembly, in any way, is the final instance, as His Grace Bishop Artemije rightly stressed in his statement yesterday for the KIM Radio. Does the Supreme Court, for example, engage in some court case immediately or only after it passes through all the previous court instances?

Disagreements are nothing new in the course of the history of the Church, as our local St. Sava's , as well as the Ecumenical. They are overcome conciliar and synodical, and in obedience towards the Church when it says its last word. Who chooses disobedience and self-will, he excommmunicates himself from the church community, but also from the spiritual union with His Grace Bishop Artemije. Disinformation and insinuations, no matter from who originate, cause only general damages.

February 27, 2010
in Novi Sad
Bishop of Backa
Dr. Irinej