Diocese of Raška and Prizren appeals for Mr. Oliver Ivanović and Dragoljub Delibašić to be granted a pretrial release


Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Raška and Prizren expresses its deep disappointment and dissatisfaction on the occasion of the most recent EULEX Appellate panel in the court process against Mr. Oliver Ivanović, the President of the Citizen Initiative SDP and the retired colonel Mr. Dragoljub Delibašić, who have been consecutively denied after several months of detention a release pending trial, despite all guarantees that have been given that they will not evade justice. As the defendants deeply believe and know that they are not responsible for what they have been accused of, they feel human obligation and dignity in front of their families and their people to prove their innocence

In case of Mr. Ivanović dozens of witnesses have been inteviewed and none of them so far have brought him into direct connection with the crime he has been accused of. The pretrial detention is very negatively affecting the health of Mr. Ivanović and Delibašić who in such circumstances are not able to adequately organize their defense. That is the reason why Mr. Oliver Ivanović decided to start a hunger strike as the last resort to point out to wider public his difficult condition. With deepest concern for his health the Diocese has appealed on EULEX and the international representatives in Priština to provide the defendants as soon as possible the release pending trial and the speedy conclusion of the trial which is their right according to all international conventions.

Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Raška and Prizren
Prizren – Gračanica, 11 August 2015