RADIO KIM: Dimitris Moschopoulos – We will consult with the Serbian Orthodox Church to determine priorities and ways of protecting the religious heritage in Kosovo

The head of the Greek Office in Priština, who last week assumed the position of Special Advisor to the EU on issues of Serbian cultural heritage in Kosovo and Metohija, attended Liturgy today in the restored church of St. Nicholas in Priština. Moschopoulos told reporters that protection of the religious heritage in Kosovo is very important for the EU.

"Exceptional attention will be dedicated to the protection of the Serbian religious heritage in Kosovo. This is important not only for our country but for the European Union in general. We are in constant contact with the Serbian Orthodox Church, we do not want to make any decisions at all on our own regarding what are the priorities but throughout this process we are consulting with representatives of the SOC in Kosovo. We want to identify priorities and tasks to which we will focus in cooperation with them," said Moschopoulos. He added that an action plan would be made in the near future listing the priorities and the complete work plan. In addition to the representative of the Greek Office, representatives of the U.S. and British Offices in Pristina also attended the liturgy.