Bishop Teodosije Calls for Peace and Preservation of God’s Gifts at Liturgy in Leposavić

On Whit Monday, June 5, 2023, Bishop Teodosije of Raška-Prizren served the Holy Liturgy in Northern Kosovo city of Leposavić. The Bishop was co-served by the Mitrovica vicar, Archpriest Djordje Stefanović, and priests of the St. Basil church in Leposavić.

A large number of faithful, especially children, attended the liturgical gathering.

Bishop Teodosije addressed the attendees with these words:

“Whit Monday has gathered us here to first find peace in our souls. We pray to God to instill peace in our hearts and our souls, and that we might extend it to our families and our society. This is the peace that comes from the One who is the source of living water, the source of peace, love, and all good. May the Lord bless all the residents of this city to persist and endure, relying on the Lord and His help. We are at home here. What we are called to do is to take care of our land, our people, and our holy places. May the Lord grant that in the time we live, through which we pass great trials and, I would say, the test of life: who we are, what we are, how strong we are, how humble and patient we are, how much love we have… All of this will determine if we, like our ancestors, will manage to preserve everything that God has given us: both this land and these holy places. It depends on us to the extent that we are as the Lord wants us and as the Lord sees us.”