Bishop Teodosije served Holy Liturgy in Osojane to encourage his people after recent repressive police actions

Following the intrusion into the institutions of Serb returnees living in Osojane, the seizure of inventory, the ban on the operation of the Provisional office of the Municipality of Istok, and an armed break-in at the health center premises, Bishop Teodosije of Raška-Prizren conducted the Holy Liturgy today (4th February) together with his clergy and spoke with representatives and citizens of the area. In the packed Church of Saint Archangel Gabriel, which was demolished by Kosovo Albanian extremists in 1999 and later rebuilt, the bishop offered gospel encouragement and highlighted the importance of faith in the return and survival of Serbs in this part of Metohija. After the service, the Bishop discussed with the clergy and congregation during a gathering organized in the parish home.

Bishop Teodosije emphasized that the Serbian Orthodox Church, Serbia, and Serbs worldwide fully support the survival of our people in Kosovo and Metohija, and regardless of the situation, we should not fear the harsh show of force by the Pristina institutions. “We should look to the church as a model and beacon. The monks will not leave, nor will our holy sites, so how can you leave? Stay here, be patient, and preserve your heritage. While we’re here, everyone will help us; once we leave, no one will remember us,” Bishop Teodosije highlighted, stressing that we should not provoke violence, something Serbs should never do. He urged those present not to succumb to pressure and not sell their hard-earned properties and homes.

After visiting Osojane, the bishop went to Gorazdevac, where the Kosovo police had demonstrated force in the previous days, to encourage and console the faithful people, showing that the church has always been and remains with them.