Celebration of St. Paraskeva's day in Gorioč Monastery and the village of Drsnik

With the Blessing of the Administrator of the Diocese, Metropolitan Amfilohije, Bishop Teodosije served a Holy Liturgy today on St. Parasceva's day in Gorioč Monastery near Istok with Fr. Ilarion, Fr. Jovica Blašković and Fr. Miloš Vukić. The Liturgy was attended by the sisterhood of the Monastery and several more believers from the area of Istok. After blessing of the Slava cake and the lunch in Gorioč, Bihop Teodosije visited the returnee village of Drsnik, near Klina and blessed the Slava cake in the old church of St. Parasceva in the presence of the local congregation. The Bishop addressed the villagers with his sermon in which he called them to perservere in the present difficulties with hope that God will help them reconstruct their village which was destroyed after the war by local extremists. Currently only several families permanently live in the village around the old church of St. Parasceva which has been preserved.