Saved at the last minute! 25 tons of flour donated to the diocesan soup kitchens by the Metropolitanate of Montenegro and the philanthropic fund, Čovekoljublje

We thank our brothers and sisters from the Metropolitanate of Montenegro as well as from the
philanthropic fund, Čovekoljublje (Love for mankind), who, responding to the difficult crisis situation
we are experiencing in Kosovo, quickly reacted and in a very short time raised much-needed help for their
brothers and sisters in Kosovo and Metohija.

Late last night, their donation of a much-needed 25 tons of flour arrived at the diocesan soup
kitchens’ central warehouse in Prekovce. This gives the diocese’s soup kitchens a chance of “surviving”
the coming days and providing bread to those who depend on these soup kitchens, which, unfortunately, has
recently drastically increased.

The Diocese of Raška-Prizren and its humanitarian organization, Majka Devet
(Mother of the Nine Jugović Brothers), which runs six soup kitchens for the most needy groups
in Kosovo and Metohija, whole-heartedly thank the Čovekoljublje philanthropic fund, as well as Priest
Branko who helped to make this much-needed humanitarian effort happen. We remain hopeful that the situation in
Kosovo and Metohija will soon stabilize, and that we will be able to continue with our regular activities.

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