Statement regarding the lies and slander of certain monks/nonmonks from Kosovo and around Kosovo

The hegumen and monks of Crna Reka Monastery and the administrator and monks of Holy Archangels Monastery near Prizren, together with their mentor in chief, the dismissed and about to be tried hieromonk and archimandrite Simeon Vilovski will not stop with the lies and slander with which they are sullying the face and desecrating the name of Great-Martyred Kosovo and Metohija and this crucified Diocese. Due to their own guilty conscience they speak about “the danger to the whole concept of monastic life in Kosovo”. What this really means is that they proclaiming their own guilty conscience for violating the canonical order of the Church and thereby trampling of their own monastic vows as a “danger”, when in fact it is they (a total of about thirty al together, compared to the far greater number of canonically proper and monastically obedient monks and nuns in Kosovo and Metohija) who are endangering the true monastic calling and life in Kosovo.

Specifically, yesterday, March 16, 2010, in Crna Reka they tore up an invitation from the Bishop Administrator brought to them by the bishop’s Deputy for the church administrative district of Novi Pazar to come to Gračanica and declare that they accept the decisions of the Patriarch and the Holy Synod (a whole month has passed and not only have they failed to accept them but are mocking them publicly and on their filthy sites) or that they will bear canonical consequences for their church-destroying rebellion and fanning of unrest and division among the innocent people of this Diocese and outside it.

In Holy Archangels Monastery near Prizren they did not even accept the invitation to appear in Gračanica brought to them by the Bishop’s Deputy for the church administrative district of Prizren. On the same day, March 16, in a newspaper they complain how they have been “abandoned”, how “no one comes to visit them” and how “the decisions (of the Synod) may cause unrest among the few remaining Serbs in Prizren and its surroundings," and how “no one has contacted us and we have no one to ask for help”! We wish to remind that this Monastery received the visit of the Bishop Administrator, who was accompanied by two other Bishops and several priests in the Sunday of Orthodoxy (February 21) but they were received only by the monastery administrator Benedikt and none of the other monks. The next day the filthy websites of these and other renegades published the article “Invasion of the Holy Archangels Monastery”! These monks/nonmonks say they are “thinking about leaving this Orthodox Holy Shrine forever due to poor living conditions.” May God grant that they do so as soon as possible, and liberate the Holy Monastery that they occupy so that Father Mihailo from Prizren and other monks who wish to come, as well as the priests and faithful from Prizren, the village of Novake and Velika Hoča can visit this imperial Monastery as they do the Orthodox Cathedral in Prizren (where regular services are held but they are discouraging the residents of Prizren, including little Milica and her mother, from going to St. George Cathedral just as last year they demonstrated against the Commission of the Synod headed by now Patriarch Irinej of Niš when it came to Prizren to assume possession of the rebuilt churches, the Bishop’s Residence and the Seminary building).

From the Diocese the Bishop Administrator has announced that on the Saturday of the Akathist he will come to serve in the suffering Holy Shrine of Bogorodica Ljeviška (Holy Virgin of Lyevish) in Prizren, and that he will visit Holy Archangels Monastery.

As far as Simeon Vilovski, known liar and turncoat, fugitive from Kosovo arrested in Greece, sources from this Diocese assert that he was received as a member of the clergy of the Greek Church but when His Eminence Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus discovered what was going on and what kind of person he is, he returned all of his documents to the Holy Synod in Belgrade. Hieromonk S. Vilovski has been placed under a ban from performing religious services a long time ago and canonical proceedings are under way to remove him from office (as per the decision of the Holy Assembly of Bishops in May 2006t).

Info-Service of the Diocese of Raška and Prizren

Prizren-Gračanica, March 17, 2010