The new OSCE Mission Chair-in-Office Ian Borg met with Bishop Teodosije at Gračanica Monastery

During his visit to Kosovo and Metohija, the new Chair of the OSCE Mission, Ian Borg, accompanied by the Head of the OSCE Mission in Kosovo, Michael Davenport, visited the Gračanica Monastery where he spoke with Bishop Teodosije.

Following the visit to the church, discussions were held about the rights of our people and the preservation of the Serbian Orthodox Church’s spiritual and cultural heritage.

“Religious sites should unite us, in mutual respect and understanding,” Borg stated in a post on the social network “X”.

Borg highlighted that the OSCE has supported this monastery for many years.

He also pointed out the collaboration of the organization he chairs with institutions in creating new legislation aimed at improving freedom of religion and strengthening the rights of religious organizations.

“Interreligious dialogue is a key goal of the OSCE chairmanship,” Borg declared, adding that it is necessary to “continue promoting dialogue to build trust and peaceful coexistence.”

“The role of religious leaders in promoting tolerance and non-discrimination among communities is of utmost importance,” Borg noted.

Bishop Teodosije emphasized that the protection of Serbian Orthodox heritage is inseparable from protecting our faithful people, who must be enabled to live a dignified and secure life.