The UK’s Special Envoy Visits Gračanica Monastery

Lord Stuart Peach, the UK’s Special Envoy for the Western Balkans, visited Gračanica Monastery today, where he met with Bishop Ilarion, the Vicar Bishop of the Serbian Patriarch.

On behalf of Bishop Teodosije, who is presently in the United States, Bishop Ilarion updated Lord Peach on the challenges confronting the Serbian Orthodox Church, particularly in Kosovo and Metohija in recent years.

The Bishop specifically highlighted issues like the absence of rule of law and order, the disregard for religious rights and freedoms, the non-compliance with court decisions, and frequent instances of ethnic discrimination. Additionally, the Bishop pointed out the recent surge in attacks on our churches, including the latest break-in at our church near Podujevo. He underlined that the living conditions for the Serbian people in Kosovo and Metohija are now more challenging than they have been in the last 25 years.