Threatening graffiti causes unrest among Serbs in Orahovac

Following yesterday’s incident near the church in Lipljan, today, graffiti with the acronym UÇK (Kosovo Liberation Army) appeared on the walls of several houses in Orahovac and the mural of Novak Djokovic.

This has unsettled the Serbian residents living near the church in Orahovac. Serbian Orthodox Bishop Teodosije of Raška-Prizren visited our people in their small enclave in Orahovac today and provided pastoral encouragement. The residents welcomed the bishop in the church, particularly a large number of children, to whom he distributed small chocolates.

This form of intimidation starkly illustrates the intention of local extremists and Kosovo’s authorities to ethnically cleanse Kosovo of the remaining Serbs in Kosovo.

Numerous previous incidents in Orahovac and other places clearly substantiate this.

The Serbian Orthodox Diocese appeals to international representatives in Kosovo to do everything possible to calm the situation and prevent a potential broader escalation of interethnic violence. The bishop has specifically appealed to KFOR to protect the Serbian people, particularly south of the Ibar river where incidents have been causing unrest among our population since yesterday.