Bishop Teodosije supporting initiative of the President of Serbia to ensure future of Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija

On the occasion of the statement by the President of Serbia Mr. Aleksandar Vučić, at the meeting with political representatives of our people from Kosovo and Metohija in Kuršumlija, the Diocese of Raška-Prizren is wholeheartedly greeting the initiative of our President and his announcement that Serbia will take additional measures to encourage future of our people at their ancestral homes. It is especially important that the financial help will be given to all citizens who live in Kosovo and Metohija – the unemployed 200 EUR per person and employed and children 100 EUR per person. This financial help will significantly contribute to the economic recovery of our people which is vulnerable particularly after the recent floods and amid the coronavirus pandemic.
At the same time, we are sincerely greeting the announcement of construction of a hospital in Gračanica and modernization of the Mitrovica North hospital as well as investments in infrastructure in Serb inhabited areas. North Mitrovica and Gračanica are two centers of crucial importance for the health protection and education of our people in Kosovo and Metohija. With these announcements and concrete measures which will be taken, Serbia is unequivocally sending a message that it stays firmly with its people in Kosovo and Metohija, both north and south of the Ibar river, which will markedly contribute and encourage those who live in difficult economic conditions. Ity is thanks to the efforts of the Office for Kosovo-Metohija that for years our Diocese survives with our clergy, monastics and our people in particularly difficult security and economic conditions. This is an opportunity once again, in this way, to express gratitude to our state and our people which live in Central Serbia and diaspora and all their support which they generously provide.
For us who live in Kosovo and Metohija it is crystally clear that our State and our Church are of crucial importance for the survival of our people and preservation of Kosovo and Metohija. Contributing, each in one’s own way and within our abilities and responsibility we have a historical obligation to protect and preserve what we possess and particularly in this way to encourage our people to continue living here despite all difficulties and troubles in this region. We sincerely believe that, God willing, even those who were under various pressures compelled to leave will return to their homes wherever it is possible. As a Church we remain fully committed to strengthening the unity of our people, around our ancestral holy sites and values which for centuries have preserved us in this holy land.
Bishop Teodosije
27 February 2021.