Bishop Teodosije Visits Banjska Monastery

This afternoon, Bishop Teodosije visited the Banjska Monastery, where Abbot Danilo informed him about the events that took place in and around the monastery yesterday and today.

During the day, EULEX and the Kosovo police arrived at the monastery to conduct an investigation. Inside the monastery’s residential buildings and church, which are within the monastery’s walls and were locked during the events, neither EULEX nor the police found anything that could compromise the monastery or its monastic brotherhood.

However, in two areas of the monastery’s courtyard, firearms, body armor, and pieces of equipment were discovered. These items were discarded by the armed individuals as they retreated from the monastery yesterday.

Importantly, no traces of blood were found in the monastery, and throughout the events, there were no casualties within the monastery walls. Forensic teams took prints and interviewed the pilgrims, who subsequently, escorted by the police and EULEX, crossed the Jarinje boundary pass to return to their homes.

During the search, Abbot Danilo showed all the premises of the Monastery to EULEX and the police, demonstrating that neither the monks nor the pilgrims had any involvement in the tragic events. Monastic life in the monastery is gradually returning to normal.

The Diocese publishes this statement primarily to counter various speculations and arbitrary news stories circulating in the media.

Bishop Teodosije continues to call for calm and peace, maintaining contact with KFOR, EULEX, and the ambassadors of the Quint, to protect our holy sites and faithful people. Our Church remains firmly committed to addressing all issues in Kosovo and Metohija peacefully and through dialogue, condemning all forms of threats and violence.