Concern of the Diocese about the latest events in Kosovo and Metohija

In light of the latest incidents in Kosovo and Metohija, especially in the north of Kosovo, as well as in Velika Hoča village today, we receive daily disturbing news from our believers that the pressure of the Kosovo authorities against our people is increasing. As a Church which has been with its people in this region for centuries, we cannot look indifferently at the implementation of measures that cause inter-ethnic distrust and tensions and could even more compel our people to leave Kosovo. This situation can also lead to an escalation of violence that is not beneficial to anyone.

We appeal to Kosovo institutions to show restraint and awareness that political and legal problems cannot be solved by a demonstration of force towards the Serbian people, especially in areas like Velika Hoča, where Serbs have barely survived in the ghetto for 23 years. At the same time, we expect international representatives to do everything in their power to stop the latest wave of pressure on our remaining people, who perceive the actions of the Kosovo institutions as a direct threat that there is no place for Serbs in this region.

The Diocese of Raška-Prizren expresses its deep concern that inter-ethnic relations and trust in Kosovo are at their lowest level in the last twenty years and calls for peace and restraint. All existing problems must be solved without ethnic tensions and possible escalation of violence, which is unacceptable and can have far-reaching negative consequences.