SOC Diocese in Kosovo and Metohija Responds to Statement by Retired US General Wesley Clark

The recent remarks made by retired American General Wesley Clark, communicated via Voice of America,
regarding the recent events in Northern Kosovo, have raised deep concerns due to the inaccurate assertion that Banjska Monastery was allegedly used as a “storage for weapons.”
The Diocese, in its communiques, has distinctly conveyed findings corroborated by both the Kosovo Police and EULEX. They confirm that within a building outside the monastic complex, which the monastery’s abbot and brotherhood could not access at the time of the recent incidents, armed individuals entered independently on September 24. A portion of weapons and equipment was left in the monastery’s yard during their retreat.
A thorough inspection of the monastery premises conducted by the Kosovo Police and EULEX in the presence of Abbot Danilo ascertained that no weapons were stored within the monastery.
Such an act would contravene the spiritual mission of the Church, which staunchly opposes all forms of violence.
The arbitrary statement by the retired US general not only fails to foster peace but also fuels the dissemination of inaccurate information, endangering the structures and property of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Kosovo and Metohija.
The Serbian Orthodox Church in Kosovo and Metohija remains resolute in its stance of opposing any forms of violence and conflict. It was among the first to condemn the violence that transpired that day in Northern Kosovo and Metohija, in the vicinity of Banjska Monastery.
The Church reiterates its call for peace and security for all citizens, underscoring the imperative of accuracy and truth in the dissemination of information in these sensitive times.