SOC Holy Assembly of Bishops expressed deep concern and protest due to violations of human rights and freedoms in Kosovo and Metohija

Upon suggestion of H.G. Bishop Atanasije, the Admnistrator of the Diocese of Raska-Prizren and Kosovo-Metohija the Holy Assembly of Bishiops of the Serbian Orthodox Church has issued today an extraordinary Communique regarding the violations of the human rights in Kosovo and Methohija. The Communiqe has been published at the official Web-site of the SOC.

Extraordinary Communique of the Holy Assembly of Bishops
of the Serbian Orthodox Church


The Holy Assembly of Bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church, at its regular session at the Patriarchate in Belgrade, expresses its deep concern and protest against the latest threat to freedom and basic human rights of the Serbian people and other non-Albanian population in Kosovo and Metohija, expressed through illegal and uncivilized termination of the mobile and fixed telephony in the central parts of Kosovo and other parts of the southern Serbian province. The Albanian police, namely, destroyed the telephone relays in the Serbian villages and areas inhabited by Serbs and their neighbors non-Albanians. We are also deeply worried about the endangering lifes and hindering the free movement and work of Serb the returnees in villages, such as Zac near Kline and other places in Metohija where displaced Serbs return to their centuries-old homes and they gather again around their sanctuaries.

The Holy Assembly appeals to the authorities of the Republic of Serbia the international community present in Kosovo and Metohija, governments of the civilized Europe and America, as well as the United Nations of the world, to stop this and any other violence against the already suffering and innocent people in the living area of the Balkans and Europe, the cradle of civilization and the source of the spiritual and material culture of humanity.